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Tabula Rasa the Second

Personal victors deserve private parties.

change_2008's VIP Party
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All Members , Moderated
A private spin-off of the old community.
Membership is *closed*. This is a by invitation only community, not because we're elitist, but because we want a small comm of just a certain group. Feel free to join the original change_2008.

layout from thefulcrum

The Story:

In the beginning, there was nothing. A vast plane of potential lay spread out before us. They called this place... the Internet.

Then, the almighty Brad said, "Let there be LJ!", and LJ there was. The almighty Brad considered this LJ, and saw that it was good.

Soon after, users of all ages and situations flocked to this Journal of Live, and some of these users were different from others.

Jo, the almighty Goddess of Justice came forth. Odyssey, the great Thinker, also arrived, taller than most urban buildings, and able to leap most trees in a single bound. Beloved Trixx joined, Champion of self-improvement that she is. Ava, the Great Traveler joined this group. And last but not least, Penny, a life-saver, music-lover, cute as a button superhero joined. And this group, though they didn't know it yet, would go on to become invaluable to myself. They lived peacefully in the garden of LJ.

The great bearer of drama, Eutuxia, came along then, and brought a poisoned apple with her. She first persuaded Jo to partake of the apple, and soon after Odyssey, Trixx, and Ava fell as well. Malanai joined them shortly, in their sin.

Rebels that they were, they decided to call this revolutionary group of theirs change_2008.

However, LJ learned of their community and put them into the public spotlight. The filthy humans could not resist such a comm, and the influx of members set the place up to implode.

After a time, Eutuxia saw that this was indeed not good, so she recreated the paradise that was lost, and invited only those of the Tribe of Awesome to join. And join they did, thus, change_2008_v2 was born.

And we all lived happily ever after.

And you still can't join. :>